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DCET Result 2017 KEA Diploma CET Cut off Marks & Scorecard

DCET Result 2017 Karnataka KEA Diploma CET Cut off Marks, Merit List, Scorecard and Qualified Candidates List

In this post we will provide you the updates regarding the DCET Result 2017 which was scheduled by Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) on 02/07/2017 for the Diploma CET July Entrance Examination. Candidates who appeared in this exam can check their KEA Karnataka DCET Result 2017 from the official website We have also mentioned below the important links from where you can check your KEA Diploma CET 2 July Result 2017. Huge numbers of candidates appeared in the Exam and now are anxiously looking for the Karnataka DCET Result Diploma CET KEA July Exam with other important details like cut off marks, scorecard, merit list etc.

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The Diploma Common Entrance Test 2017 is being held for the Diploma holders for admission to 2nd Year Engineering Courses and for first year Architecture Course under Lateral Entry Scheme for both Day and Evening Engineering Colleges. The KEA DCET 2017 Result Final merit list will be prepared on overall performance in the entrance examination. The candidates who have secured qualifying marks in the examination will have to appear in the KEA DCET counselling procedure. At the time of counselling the candidates are required to select the course and choose the college where they want to take admission.

DCET Result 2017 Cut off Marks| Karnataka KEA Diploma CET July Exam Result Date 2017 | Check KEA DCET Result 2017 Merit List and Counselling Process and Dates

Karnataka Examinations Authority will shortly release the DCET July Exam Result at its official website and candidates can check their DCET Diploma Result 2017 from the below mentioned official links. Candidates are also required to meet the cut off marks. These are the minimum qualifying marks that a candidate needs in order to qualify the test. If an applicant fails to achieve the cut off marks he or she is not eligible to appear for the next selection process. For more details visit the official website

KEA Diploma CET 2017 Important Dates:-

Date of DCET Examination 2017 02 Jul 2017
Date of publication of ‘DIPLOMA CET 2017′ Provisional Answer Key 05 Jul 2017
Last date for submission of objections, if any, regarding Answer Key Within 3 days of answer key publishing

KEA DCET 2017 Result Link [Declared]

KEA DCET Merit List 

Official Website –


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  1. When we have our results please mention the date

    1. Check and tell me

  2. Sir when dcet result come

  3. Merit list yavag antha exact date bidi hage editing option bidi

  4. result list yavag antha exact date bidi hage editing option bidi

  5. Anyone knows plz inform the result

  6. KEA yavag bidthiri editing option na nav colleage ge hogodho bedvo engg clg start agodu aug ge nimmana nodidre sep ge entry kodisthira antha ansuthe

  7. May I know result announcement date

    1. Tell me please

  8. result bidri..dcet

  9. result bidri..dcet *

  10. when u release edit option ..and result yavaga release madtira exact date plz..

  11. already its too late…plz release rank list….

  12. Plz mentione the date

  13. Plz mentione the date

  14. Plz dcet ranking

  15. Previous year already option entry nadita ettu e sari ennu rslt bidatilla yenri pblm agide nimge rslt update madodu kasta na nimge

  16. Ennu yest dina wt madabeku daily anytime nivu rslt bidatira antha website nodi nodi sakathu atleast yavag bidatira annodaru exact date mention madi

  17. kea staff please release edit option+result date+ brochure..

  18. Alla kea reply madalla andhmel yakri comment option kottidira

    1. Check madi madi saaakagide dabba kea..

  19. sir/medam plZ correction option bidi.. already its too late.. innu answer keys bidodral idira… plz comments nodidre reply madi kea… istond irresponsible agak hogbedi..pls . daily website check madode aythu no changes . innon 4 days adre one month agute exam agi.. admission late adre namig prblm agutee syllabus cover madkolakke ..plz understand

  20. What’s the fuck of kea inna result bitilla bloody kea

  21. really it is burdening, plz declar the result as soon as possible

  22. really it is burdening, plz declar the result as soon as possible

  23. Rslt bidro kea boardlli yen madatidira rslt bidok agalla andre c e t exam yenak bega madatira late madabodittu

  24. Rslt bidro maraya sakagide atleast date adru mention madi 20th antha hakidira already 2days mugitu ennu rslt baratilla nimge yen pblm adanadru heli

  25. pls kea release edit option plz and result date Also… innu final keys bittilla .. en madtidira … n prblm antha adru heli plz… last time exam next day release agittu key ansr and exam date also..and ivag en tak heeg madtidira..

  26. shreenivas mooganni

    Wher rank list release plc tel me any body

  27. plz release edit option and result date … its request plz kea

  28. Sir dcet result yavag baruthe

  29. Results bedithar illa adhana heliri. Kadhu kadhu sakagidhe

  30. KEA office ge call madri,yellaru,,bidthara elwa result antha.

  31. kea plz release edit option and result date ..its already too late…plz undrstand..

  32. cl madidre responce illa..yak heeg madtidira plz n prblm antha adru heli .. innu final ansr bittilla andre n comedy na… result date edit option brochure release athva fee return madi aste..

  33. Hi frds evarenu biduva Haage Kanistilwa August 1st ge class start agtave.. adre ennu ranking result Ella..naavu e year clg hogi pass andahagene

  34. En result bidor badkidira Ella sakttogidira…….RIP

  35. Bidrappa dcet result first naven clg g hog beka bedva

    1. Pakka one month late agine hogtivi ri Naavu syllabus pending bidodu pakka

  36. Anyone Alive in KEA……….replay madri……replay madaku time elwa Hast busy na??

    atleast yaavat release madtriaaa antha date helriiiiiii…..Karma namdu….DCET agi 24days aithu enu correction agilwa?

    Yen adru update madri……..yen madta edira?

    correct time ge salary eskotira…….correct hagi yavat result haktira antha announce madakke agalwa?

    Halari August 7th enda engg clg re-open agtidde…….
    Namge yavaga result barodu?
    Yavaga counceling madodu?
    Yavaga clg serodhu?

    Atleast yavath announce madtira antha nadru heli????????????


  37. Dcet results will not announced in this year….

  38. i got a fvr pa niv result bottilla aa tension inda headache fvr…innu east antha wait madodu namgu sakagide… result bidalva bidbedi ok… atleast enadru update madi. agadru sumnirtivi atlst active idira antha

  39. Ayyo I can’t wait……Niven ankondira nav next year inda clg g hogli antanaa… Nam du patience one level vargu irutte aste…..Nam patience test madbedi evthadru bidtira elva

  40. En ellaru Nidde madtidira request madtidivi evthadru result bidi plssss result evth Barutte nale barutte anta kadhu kadhu saytaidivi

    1. Gadilingappa Nayak

      Avarige hotte thumbide adakke nidre madtha eddare. Hecchara adage result bidthare I think evaru kumba karna vamshadavaru

  41. 08023564583 this is hepline number call this number anyone..

    1. morning 10 o clk inda cl madtidini.. no responce..only busy ..or not alowed or switch off

  42. Evthadru result bidtira


  43. sir plz declear the ranking.. we are waiting for that…already it’s too late. the classes will be started 1st week of August can we cover the syllabus and how to conduct our 1st internal..plz try to understand our probelm..!!!

  44. Please anouced dcet result Sir . …

  45. Sir/madam please leave the dcet results.. This is my humble request it’s tooo late…nimma kaalige beeltini please result kodi….we have to do something so please give me the opportunity so please release the results… I hope you’re understand…..please

    1. Dont get emotional pleseee soon ghey willl…. Me also waiting and all are waiting be calm…..

  46. Plz sir announce the ranking , nimagu engineer odo makkaliddidre gottagta ettu, adu diploma mele , sir plz try to understand ,nale namage promblem agutte sir….

  47. Release the result fast as possible please

  48. Diploma ranking bittilla Abhiyan-2017 All Student Join This Number 9900416805

  49. plz i beg u editing option result date bidri… plz enadru update madri sakaithu… ist time yav result ku wait madilla.. neevu artha madkobekala… nyt niddenu sari bartilla tension inda plz undrstnd..

  50. plz i beg u editing option result date bidri… plz enadru update madri sakaithu… ist time yav result ku wait madilla.. neevu artha madkobekala… nyt niddenu sari bartilla tension inda plz undrstnd..

  51. Merit lise dcet 2017

  52. Lo rslt bidroo

  53. mugitu esala naavu CLG Hoda hagene…yakri nam study’s jote ata adta edira yen problem aduu adru heli or Nam exam OMG sheets yenadru kaledu hodidava hege adu adru heli,….!!!

  54. Alrdyy its 31st from next monday the engineering colleges will be started plzzzzz release the resultssssss

  55. evat result bitru naav clg hogoke August 30 agutte aste nam Kathe.. hara hara mahadev

  56. Ivr result bidala ad agala elru be ase bitbidi frnd

  57. Ivr result bidala ad agala elru be ase bitbidi frnds

  58. Namge college start admele navu study madoke only 4 month aste time erutte adralle 3 back papers and 8 regular papers pass madbeku.. Yenta paristiti ge tandu bittidira nivu.. nimge heg Manassu agutte heli sir.. kasta pattu study madi cet li Olle marks togondivi Olle ranking barutte anta Thumba kaadu kaadu Saakagide ennu Naavu BE mado ase bittage

  59. En madtidira kea barod all idkondu salary matra tingla tingla enuskotira age elod ond date key answers bitid 13 dinq admele en nimg Mana maryade ididre niv ig madtirlila en problem anta enadru eltira adu Ila nimna eloru keloru yaru Ila ansute niv result yavag bidtira student Life ata adtidira en ankondira nivu niv ige late madtidre munde ago problems g Ela nive javabdari ig sumne idare student anta tilkobedi niv adide ata anta en problems anta adru Eli yavag bidtira

  60. Bidrapa result na July last weak aytala en next year July last weak bidtira

  61. tv9 ali kea eethara prblm kodtide antha publish madbeku… media dali name kharab adaga ivrig buddhi barutthe…

  62. Basavayashas student

    sir evattadru bidtira or yavattu bidolla? atleast reason kuda kudlilla nivu date kuda mention madilla… naav evaga tv9 it public TV ge complent madodu onde baaki Ede anisutte

  63. Adune madbeku yarg adru number gotidre complent madri plz frnds

  64. Adune madbeku yarg adru number gotidre complent madri plz frnds

  65. Adune madbeku yarg adru number gotidre complent madri plz frnds

  66. Frnds Cal madi public news – 08023574041 and tv9 08040312700

  67. puc du complt process mugid mele namig anonce madtarante

    1. already avardu mugidu clg hogta edare… every year hiige madta edru yen avru?. bekantane madta edare… reason bere yeno Ede helta Ella aste…

  68. Puc process innu yavag mugiyutante ? Avr Ela mugdi clg ogli nav manel irbekanta

  69. u r ryt… nam ansr sheets enadru miss madkondidre… !! …media throgh hodre olledu anstide

  70. Avr inuku baggala media ge bagodu all number​ akidini tv9 mate public news du Madi elaru.problem eludre avrg en agide kea satogidara badkidara badkidre en agute anta tilyute

  71. 1st media g elbeku avrinda namg help madak sadya num idyala media g elru Cal madi Eli frnds plz

  72. 1st media g elbeku avrinda namg help madak sadya num idyala media g elru Cal madi Eli frnds plz

  73. Results bidrappa…yen innu esht dina beku nimgalige!!

  74. plz let us know when is the results it been almost a month . how long we have to wait for results

  75. Tommorow dcet result

  76. document verification schedule bittidare

  77. tomorrow result ..all the best evrybody

  78. Ivat conform ag result bidtara nang doubt agtide

  79. Ivat confirm ag bidtara result na

    1. confirm bro…

  80. Results bitraa guys plz helli

  81. Result bitru

  82. sir we can’t get my result of dcet we have entered right no no results for this CET no what is the problem and what can I do

    1. Have u got your result? Even my friend is not getting her result

  83. Seat matrix bitidara…

  84. matrix bitidara..

  85. Hello friends nan dcet result bandila

  86. result bandilla andre bubble wrong fill madirtira roll no. and version code ella.. or complete circle na fill madiralla.. kea ge mail madi.. ofcourse help madtare

  87. Please provide the 2O17 cutoff

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