Highest Paying Jobs in India | Earn Huge Money from these highest paid professions

Top Highest Paying Jobs in India | Earn huge amount of money from these highest paid professions

Who says that in India you can’t earn a decent amount of income. You will be surprised and shocked to know there are highest paying jobs in India in which you can earn a fat pay check every month. A huge amount of income that you can even imagine, as wrongly believed by many, not all of them are IIT or IIM graduates. Rather they are pretty simple people with non glamorous degrees.

What really make them earn so much amount of money with these highest paying jobs in India while many of us still struggle for paying for our basic needs in the metro cities? Well to believe the experts, it’s all in choosing the career. Changing organizations and environment may give you some salary hike but not the satisfaction. You need to select your sectors carefully. Have you ever thought what makes them eligible for this and what are those jobs which have high pay scales.

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Many people keep on searching for various queries on internet like Which Jobs in India Offers High Salary or Income, Jobs or Profession with big salary packages, Highest Paying Jobs in Government Sectors, Top Highest Paying Professions after Graduation or Post Graduation, Jobs with Huge Salaries in Private or IT Sector, Highest Paying Jobs after B.Tech, M.Tech, CA, B.Com, MBBS etc.

highest paying jobs in india

So, here we have listed out the highest paying jobs

Management Professionals

These are one of the top and highest paying jobs. Professional, the ones coming from IIMs, IITs, XLRI, FMS, IIFT and Symbiosis earn higher salaries, enjoy more significant jobs roles and fast-track career paths. Basically they start their career as Management Trainee and undergo 6 months-1 year of extensive training. The pre-placement offers are made on the campus with pay packages as high as INR 22-25 Lakhs per Annum. The lowest salary packages are also to the tune of INR 7-10 Lakhs per Annum. Not only this, professionals at the higher level can even demand large amounts.

Investment Bankers

The second place for highest paying jobs in India goes to Investment Bankers. The career of an investment banker follows standard path with generally five levels including Analyst, Associate, Vice President, Director and Managing Director. Salaries for the different levels look something like this – INR 5-9 Lakhs per Annum for Analyst, INR 8-14 Lakhs per Annum for Associate and INR 15-40 Lakhs per Annum for Vice President. The main work of Investment Bankers is to raise capital for the company and give financial advice. They deal only with money and are nicknamed “Money Man”.

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Chartered Accountants

This is one of the most respected highest paying jobs in India. Based on the personal skills and knowledge one can choose from the variety of opportunities available for a fresh CA. chartered accountant can work in different areas of financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking and consultancy.
A fresh CA can earn nearly INR 6-8 Lakhs per Annum. With the increase in experience the salaries also increase to as high as INR 20-25 Lakhs per Annum for those with additional MBA degree in finance.

Medical Professionals

This profession promises a steady career growth with minimal hindrances to the salary. Doctors can earn from private practice, standalone surgeries etc. The minimum salary, if employed can be estimated to be around Rs.7-10 Lakh per year and for a specialized surgeon it could be double.

IT and Software Engineers

This is one evergreen highest paying profession which pays really well. One has to be very good with computers and programming. These professionals work around designing, implementation and management of the system. For a trainee software engineer who is a fresh college pass out the salary falls somewhere between INR 2 to 3 Lakhs per Annum. The salary hike rises as one climbs up the career ladder – with a figure of INR 4 to 8 Lakhs per Annum for software engineer/programmer analysts, 6 – 12 Lakhs per Annum for senior software engineer, 8 – 15 Lakhs per Annum for project lead and 10 – 120 Lakhs per Annum for program manager.

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Law Professionals

Famous lawyers have denied the post of judges in courts just to hang on to their incomes as lawyers. Lawyers require high levels of education, patience and communicative skills. Top notch lawyers can demand high packages for a single argument. Generally in public sector the salaries of law professionals is as per the government norms while those working with private law firms gets huge amounts – INR 10-15 Lakhs per Annum for fresh National law school graduates and 15-20 Lakhs per Annum for those with 5-6 years of experience.

Tuition Teacher

Yes, you read that right. Let me give you a rough estimate of how much Popular Tuition Teacher of class 11 and 12 makes money. In our opinions, this is one of the highest paying jobs in India. Lets illustrate it with the help of the example

Suppose the monthly fee per student collected by a teacher is Rs.1000.

And he has about 40 students in a batch.

He has 2 batches each of class 11 and class 12.

So a total of 160 students

Therefore, 160*1000= Rs. 160000 monthly from tuition

Now if he/she also teaches at a school, then considering a average salary of about Rs. 40000 from school monthly we have 160000+40000= Rs.200000 monthly

Which makes it 200000*12=Rs. 24 Lakhs annually which is way higher than the average engineer working in IT sector. And the best part about this job is that you are your own boss, and you get a lot of respect along with decent amount of money, All you need to do is build up a good name! And it will never go out of fashion. To add most coaching institutes also not pay taxes so this income is tax free as well.

So these were some of the highest paying jobs in India. If you have more in your mind, you can share your valuable information by commenting below.

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