How to Prepare English Section for SBI PO Exam?

Now that SBI has come up with the recruitment of SBI PO, here lies in front of you a golden opportunity to grab a spot for yourself amongst 2000 vacancies and be a PO in the most prestigious bank – State Bank of India. All the sections need to be prepared equally. But if the English Section gives you the jitters, you have landed at the right place. Here, we will give you a complete strategy by following which you can strengthen your English section and thus improve your overall score.

General Strategy:

  1. Nothing can help you better in the English section than reading a newspaper every day. Note down the meaning of difficult words.
  2. The vocabulary section is less time-consuming and easy to score. 5 to 6 questions can be easily solved in 2-3 minutes if you have a strong command over vocabulary. So, it is suggested that you start with this section.
  3. Rather than studying the rules of Grammar from a book, try solving questions from this section as application results in better memorization of the rules. Even if you solve 25-30 questions on a daily basis, you can remember all the rules of Grammar.
  4. Along with reading, you should also have a habit of writing so that with time, you have your own unique style of writing essays and letters.
  5. Refrain from spending too much time on a single question or getting stuck on a particular question. If you are not finding a solution, move to the next one.

Specific Strategy:

For SBI PO exam preparation, the English section can be divided into 4 parts and aspirants can adopt a specific strategy to face every particular section. Here goes the discussion of each section with the rules, which need to be followed:

  1. Cloze test/ Fill in the blanks: Read the paragraph once. Try to form an idea of what the passage is trying to convey. Using the option of elimination helps to some extent in this type of questions.
  2. Error spotting: Usually, error spotting questions contain grammatical errors, article errors, or errors in subject-verb disagreement. Get a strong command over these parts.
  1. Reading comprehension: Read the passage once by quickly skimming through it to know what the basic idea of the passage is. Then, read the questions first. After that, read the passage the second one to find solutions to those questions. Do try the vocabulary questions first as these are highlighted in the paragraph and can be spotted instantly.
  1. Parajumbles: Even if you are not able to form the complete paragraph from the set of jumbled sentences. Try to find at least the first sentence and then start looking for pairs of sentences. This will easily fetch you 2-3 marks.

With these easy strategies, we hope now you will be able to shake off the phobia of facing the English section and perform well in this section!

Updated: April 18, 2019 — 9:17 am

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